Welcome to Independent Jewellery Valuations

Independent Jewellery Valuations is a division of Alan S Woods Ltd (est. 1973) which offers a complete jewellery service based in Epsom. From valuing precious items through to repair and manufacture of jewellery, everything is offered on-site and in-person by Alan himself.

Company Director Alan Woods is a fully qualified jeweller, gemmologist, diamond grader and valuer who has trained both locally and overseas on the latest advancements and technologies to ensure the most accurate valuations possible.

All work is carried out on our premises and is fully insured from the time it arrives until the time it leaves. Receipts are given for all work left in our trust.

Why get your jewellery valued?

It’s important to have an accurate description of all of your jewellery items. An up-to-date valuation reduces the risk of contention with insurers over claims, which means considerably less stress in an after-loss situation.

Independent Jewellery Valuation provides all different valuation requirements: Pre-loss, after-loss, probate, market value, replacement value, matrimonial property value and inventories.